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Mother says son is a victim of police brutality

We have a report tonight about an alleged case of police brutality. Yvonne Vasquez claims that police usurped their authority when they used extreme force on her son, 43-year-old Alden Sutherland that resulted in several injuries which caused him to seek medical attention. Vasquez told Love news about the incident.

Yvonne Vasquez, Mother of Victim: “Saturday night they picked him up and they brutalized him, they hand fucffed him and they beat him in his back and broke his ribs, his neck, his hands and his foot. They fractured his foot and his hands are swollen and he can’t even walk. They held him there they didn’t take him to the hospital until I called in because I didn’t know where he was. When I got to understand I called the police station and after I called and I asked them about it. I called and told them that I heard they had injured him and they didn’t give me any answers and they took him to the hospital.”

At the time, we had the interview with the mother, her son was back in police custody.