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Mother Speaks about Slain Son

Carol Bevans told Love News she received the heartbreaking news about the murder from one of her other sons.  She said the last time she saw Roshane was when he visited two weeks ago, but she spoke with him on the phone only a few days ago.

 Carol Bevans: “If anybody knows anything about my son’s death, if they could come forward and they could call my number; its 669-7851.”

Fem Cruz: “Ma’am when was the last time you were in contact with your son?”

 Carol Bevans:“I spoke to my son on the telephone last week Friday. We called him as family; we usually call him and he would talk to us and have fun with us on the phone but he said he was with a boy that we called Bigs. His name is Andre Nicholson; he live in Rants Camalote but he was in Belmopan at his mom’s house staying; him, Rushane and his girlfriend. That’s what they said to me because I called him immediately and I ask Andrea what is Rushane doing with you.  He said” ma’am Rushane is alright, he is staying with me by mom house”. Me and Rushane is together so I say “well okay I feel comfortable” because Andre was never a bad person.”

The police department has not yet disclosed a motive for Roshane Jones’ murder.