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A mother struggles to take care of her children with Sickle Cell

Sickle Cell disease is a life-threatening blood disorder which results from the lack of sufficient red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout your body. Stephanie Garnett has not one but two children with the disease. Love News spoke to Garnett and her daughter, Samica Nicholas about the trials they face as a result of the disease.

Stephanie Garnett Mother of 2 Sickle Cell patients

Stephanie Garnet, Mother of 2 sickle cell children: “They’re in pain, they’re always crying in pain, their blood goes down, if it goes down too low like my baby’s blood went down to 2 and he nearly died. So the doctor told me to sit down because he needed to talk to me. I told the doctor ‘please just tell me my baby is okay.’ He told me ‘I can’t tell you he is okay but he is fighting.’ The boy’s blood is at 2pints and so they gave him the blood and it went back to 8. Going back and forth to the hospital I’m not really seeing results.”
Samica Nicholas Sickle Cell Patient

Samica Nicholas, Sickle Cell Patient: “You feel bad and it makes me feel bad for my mom because every time she has to take me to the hospital at around 3am. You have pain in your joints and you can’t move.” 
Reporter: On a scale from 1-10 how would you rate the pain? 
Samica Nicholas, Sickle Cell Patient:  “Like 8 or 7 sometimes.”
Garnett will be having a fundraiser from Thursday to Sunday to gather up monies for treatment.  You can contact her at 606-8595 to place orders or contribute in any way.