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Mother of three murdered in Belize City

Roxanne Pop is the latest murder victim.  Pop was killed by her ex-common law husband.  Just before seven o’clock last night, Pop was seated around a table at a popular establishment with her ex common law husband when he reportedly stabbed her multiple times. The young woman was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where she later succumbed to her injuries.  Pop was employed at Cartridge Recycle Company.  Ashley Foster, Purchasing Officer at Cartridge Recycle Company told the media that learning of Pop’s death came as a shock.

Ashley Foster Co – Worker: When I hear this news; to be honest it came as as a shock. I couldn’t believe at all that; that is what happen to her. I know she had her own little family issues that she had to deal with when it came to her kids but she never really made it bother her. She tried to look at the positive side of things and as far as I know she never voiced that she had any threats thrown her way. She was stationed here; well you know we had a room down here for her and then the managers house is upstairs so. Her son had come to visit her last week and Tuesday he went back so he was the last one of the children to see their mom.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams said preliminary investigations have shown that jealousy might have been a factor.

DCP Chester Williams: Yesterday evening sometimes after 7pm police were called to the Karl Huesner Memorial hospital. Upon arrival they saw one Roxanne Pop who had multiple stab wounds . She was being treated and later succumb to her injuries. Police quickly investigated the matter and learned that Ms. Pop had an encounter with her ex common law in the area of 88 shopping center and that encounter led to him inflicting the stab wounds to her and; her subsequent demise. We have since detained Noelin Williams and he will be charged for murder before the day end today.

Pop was the eldest of nine children. The family is trying to come to terms with the loss of their loved one. Love news spoke with her sister, Vashley Pop who said that Roxanne had re-located to Belize from the Toledo District approximately a year ago to find work to support her children.

Vashley Pop: When he disappeared three years ago; we actually didn’t see him. He wasn’t around; he didn’t play any part in those kids life. She was the one that worked and we as family supported her. For some reason I don’t know how but he managed to get to her recently and now he actually has taken her life but this wasn’t a relationship or how people would say it. It was a relationship that started with abuse and most obviously ended with abuse.

Vashley said the children who are ages six, eight, and nine will now be raised by the family.