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Mother of two receives new house in Burrell Boom

The Building for Change Program by Hand in Hand Ministries has been operational for about fifteen years and today, in partnership with the Belize Electricity Limited, BEL, they handed over the 347th house. The house was handed over to Pamela Reyes, a resident of Burrell Boom Village in the Belize District, who said that the assistance has enabled her to live happily with her two daughters. Dalila Ical has the story.

Pamela Reyes and her daughters can now spend countless evenings together in their new living room. The family of three received their two new bedroom house today; a project that was completed by Hand in Hand Ministries through its Building for Change Program. Director of the building for change program Bernard Panton says the program has expanded significantly since it first started some fifteen years back.

Bernard Panton: “Presently we are building at least 25 miles outside of Belize City. When it comes to the districts if we have partners that are partnering with us who have work people, people to move in the districts then we will build out there so that’s a special things once we have all the assistance of the work force but so we build in the city and in the districts.”

Along the way it has partnered with many businesses. Its latest project was completed in partnership with the Belize Electricity Limited. The company joined program some six years ago. Public Relations Manager, Vonetta Burrell says that it is in line with the companies work in supporting organizations and activities that contribute to the quality of life of Belizeans.

Vanetta Burrows: “When we learn that Hand in Hand is helping to provide houses for families in need we realized right away it’s something that we wanted to support. The total contribution from BEL is financial at a cost of about $22,000 including the item they need to construct the house as well as some basic furniture and a part of our contribution and our commitment to Hand in Hand is to provide service entrances. Services entrances are needed to make sure that you can connect safely to BEL supply so our commitment to Hand in Hand is that any house that Hand in Hand builds in Belize we will donate a service entrance under our Connecting Homes Improving Lives Program.”

Dalilah Ical: about 46 BEL employees’ volunteered time and labor to the construction of the house; Reyes was overjoyed.

Pamela Reyes: “I was in one big area me and my kids with everything together and I just decided that I wanted something more spacious for my kids and comfortable so I decided to just went by and visit Hand in Hand office and within six months I got a house from them which was very fast. It’s a very overwhelming feeling. I actually still don’t believe I actually owned it and I want to say thanks to BEL for the extra mile that they went for me. I didn’t expect all of this that I receive and I would like to thank Hand in Hand who pushed for me and welcomed me into their family like I was their form the beggining. I can actually feel the love from them and I can feel the appreciation when I am around them.”

Dalilah Ical: Her new home also came furnished with a new stove, refrigerator, washing machine and couch.

Pamela Reyes: “Everything inside is actually donated by BEL like I say before they did more than I really expected when I came home and saw all these stuff I was like wow that put me very far far ahead. That money I could have done for that I could do with something else like more into the house and more into my girls.”

Dalialh Ical: Reyes says it would now allow her to recover lost time with her children especially her eldest.

Reyes: “I have two girls, one six years old and one fourteen years old. My oldest daughter has lived with my mom for a while. I wanted my two kids to grow up together so that’s why I pushed more for this house and It feel good that we will be having both of them under one roof, they can now bond together and we can all live as a happy family and push more for what we want together in our life.”

Dalilah Ical Love News.