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Motive Still Unclear in Guerra’s Homicide

Thirty nine year old Rafael Mario Guerra was shot and killed on Monday night as he was walking home on Holy Emmanuel Street. Reports are that Guerra, who is originally from El Salvador, was with a man who had just arrived in Belize from El Salvador. That man was staying with Guerra until Sunday night when he was told he needs to leave. It is said, that the same man has connection with gang members in El Salvador and as you may recall there was a warning alerting authorities in Guatemala and Honduras that several MS- 13 gangster escaped from a prison in El Salvador. Guerra’s family does not believe that he was the target but rather that the man he was with. Eastern Division South Commander, ACP Chester Williams gave us an update.


“Well we have received that information as well and we have that person in custody as we speak. He has been interviewed. This murder is one that has really had us thinking. We’re still trying to arrive at a motive but in answering your question about how we deal with something like that I think we have to develop a system where we monitor these persons that are coming in so that we can know who they are. We do have a  lot of persons who are engaged in gang activity in Salvador who are in Belize and some of them put behind them the gang affiliation and some of them will bring it. So we need to monitor them and clip their wings when it comes to  Belize, that is something that we need to do.”


“So that murder happened hours after you all had a very big mediation session on Racoon Street. Was that murder gang related, were the actors in that murder linked to one of the city gangs? That is a particulary troublesome gang area being the backa lands area.”


“From our investigation, that murder is not gang related and we have not received any information to suggest that any of the gangs or particularly those who are involved in the intervention have involvement in that particular murder.”

Two other men have also been detained in connection to Guerra’s murder.