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Motorcade honoring Belize Female Volleyball Team

A celebratory motorcade went through the streets of Belize this afternoon as Belizeans came out to support our Female Volleyball team for their exemplary efforts and performance at the championship games played at the Belize Civic Center from August 4th to the 8th. Celebrating their big win, the motorcade started at the Marion Jones Stadium in Belize City and ended at the Belize City Civic Center, where a short ceremony was held as the team received awards for their great performance and victory. Mayor Bernard Wagner of the Belize City Council, shared his congratulations to the team.

Bernard Wagner Mayor: It is with the greatest of pride that I offer my heartiest congratulations to the young ladies of the Belize  National Volleyball team on winning a silver medal in the 2018 Central American Volleyball tournament. You did well; go Belize!

He also explained how the team made history as it defeated Costa Rica who has maintained the title of the Championship for over a decade.

Bernard Wagner Mayor: It is not only an outstanding achievement but one unprecedented and unparalleled in honors of Belize’s Volleyball Regional Sports Competition. My words are mere tokens that cannot measure its immensity. Today the nation continues to not just congratulate but also to celebrate with you all. Your play, your discipline, your sportsmanship, your determination, your refusing to lose when the odds seemed so immensely against you and us to beat Costa Rica; ending their run of consecutive victories for more than a decade and a half defy any superlatives. We your honor bash supporters and fans are truly in awe. Go belize!

Mayor Bernard also compared the girl’s vigor and determination on the court as a true embodiment and representation of our country and its will to fight in times of crisis.

Bernard Wagner Mayor: Throughout, the Tournament was special; it embodied the spirit of this young nation that must continue to fight resolutely for its very existence. Yes at times sports is the proxy for the battlefield and so nothing can crown the dramatic victory over Guatemala in that edge of the seat final game. Go Belize!

Mayor Wagner said the team restored pride, hope and the unconquerable love for Belize. He also thanked the managers, coaches, parents and families whose effort he considered instrumental in the team accomplishing its victory. The Belize Volleyball Association will be holding a press conference tomorrow afternoon to reflect on the tournament.