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Motorcyclist collides head-on into public bus as he attempts to overtake vehicles

A 23-year-old motorcyclist was killed yesterday evening following a collision with a passenger bus between miles 17 and 18 on the Hummingbird highway in the Stann Creek Valley. Albert Idelfonso was overtaking some vehicles on the highway when he collided head-on into a public bus. The driver of that bus, 41-year-old Ian Hinds spoke with correspondent Harry Arzu.

Ian Hinde: When we approach mile 17 on this curve, I see a cycle coming on my lane so I mash the brakes. The guy didn’t try stop over take two vehicle and just run straight into the bus.

Reporter: When he ran into you what happened?

Ian Hinde: All we hear is bang, he watched me clean in my face, I told all my passengers watch this crazy guy, that dude must have been ready to die because he didn’t try to gear down or nothing, he just continue, I don’t know if he watched some movie or what. He wanted to pass the whole vehicle that he is racing and the bus.

Reporter: So he past two vehicles?

Ian Hinde: He was racing the two vehicles but he can’t pass the vehicle because of the curve and so he dash in my lane so I would say about fifteen yards he had to decide what he wanted to do because I done decide, I done stop because I see ah because you know there is a little hill so I done see him so I tell all my guest look at this crazy guy because he was way in my lane.

Reporter: While you were driving?

Ian Hinde: Yes so when I sight it like I said he had 15 seconds to  try something to say well hear what I will brakes because I done stop, I automatic stop when he meet me.

Idelfonso sustained severe head and body injuries and died.