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Motorcyclist killed in Belmopan

21-year-old Geovannie Reymundo  was killed in a road traffic accident on Sunday night.

Fem Cruz reporting…

“Belmopan police continue to investigate five separate accidents that occurred this past weekend. As a result, four persons were injured and one died. The latest one was last night sometime around 8:48 where Belmopan police were called out to an area between mile 55 and 56 on the Humming Bird Highway. Upon arrival officers saw a dark blue Toyota Hilux on the highway when travelling from a north to south direction with damages to its front portion. In front of the Toyota Hilux was a black motorcycle extensively damaged. Investigations revealed that the driver of the pickup truck, Kevin Petzold, a Belizean Civil Engineer was driving from the direction of the roundabout en route to the mall when that unfortunate incident occurred. Love News spoke to Domingo Delgado the brother of the deceased who explained what he saw.”

Domingo Delgado

“Last night when I came from Camalote to Belmopan I came behind my brother in law and he came on his motorcycle and when we got in front of the Mall, a Hilux came from Belmopan to the round about to go into the shopping mall. The man didn’t stop. His girlfriend was back there and she broke her foot because she was travelling with him, and her back is hurting her. That man has to help me with all of this because he is supposed to stop and he didn’t stop so he is supposed to help me.

Fem Cruz

“How long was the person on the ground?

Domingo Delgado

“Fifteen minutes and the ambulance didn’t reach, I told the people to help me and we took them to the hospital because no ambulance came.

Fem Cruz

“ Did you call the ambulance?

Domingo Delgado

“ Yes I did but they never got here. My brother died in the operating theater, this can’t end like this though that man has to pay for this.

43-year-old Kevin Petzold has been charged with manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, drove motor vehgicle without due care and attention and failed to give way when changing direction. Petzold will face further charges as was reported, Reymundo’s girlfriend was a passenger on the motorcycle.