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Motorcyclist knocked down and killed

Fem Cruz reporting…

“A fatal traffic incident on the Hummingbird highway claimed the life of Anthony Garnett a resident of San Ignacio Town. Olga Galvez spoke to Love News after the accident.”

Olga Galvez

“I was sitting on my veranda when suddenly I hear loud bang and I ran out and I saw some debris flying up. After that I ran and came to the driveway and saw the cycle lying on the side of the road and when I came closer I saw a person lying on the side of the road. A few minutes later two guys came up and said that they were travelling together but they were in their vehicle and Anthony was on his motorcycle so they had problems so they stopped and said that they knew the guy. I asked them where he was from and they said Esperanza. So then I told them that I didn’t know but then they said his name was Anthony and I asked them for his last name and they said Anthony Garnett but then I told them that he is my adopted son and then I said but I couldn’t see his face because it was buried in the ground. We called for the police and ambulance and they took forever to come and then we saw the vehicle that hit the cycle and we saw the body was under the farm’s sign. When we saw him at the beginning he was not breathing but eventually we saw him start to breath but we couldn’t move him because his leg seemed to have been broken from the hip and it was underneath his body. When the ambulance came that was when they turned him and we saw the ID and we knew that it was Anthony that got killed.”