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Mount Carmel preschool will open its door in October

There is another school with problems of its own.  Mount Carmel Preschool in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District, whose license was initially rejected by the Ministry of Education, will not be able to start school with the other preschools come September 2.  Last week, Love News travelled to Benque and reported that the school’s license was not approved because the bathrooms were built too far away from the classrooms.  While the parents as well as the school’s manager and principal were outraged, they had no choice but to comply with the Ministry’s guidelines, since, as the Education Minister made clear, they would not yield. Today, we received an update from the Manager, Deacon Cal.

Manager of Mount Carmel Preschool

Deacon Cal, Manager of Mount Carmel Preschool: “Yesterday I sent a letter to the Ministry of Education and I said I would have to meet with my parents on Friday and if I have to tell them that there is no news whatsoever they are going to be pretty upset. So I would recommend you give us some news. I said I think parents would accept a late September or early October opening but they are not going to be happy if they don’t hear anything. So today I did get a message that they will inspect the school and they didn’t say when but they’ve seen enough through pictures being sent to them that the school will be approved and we can open the school in October. We did build the bathrooms inside, it cost us a lot of money and anyway I won’t scream too loud. We got a bunch of good workers out there and I’m paying them 25% above standard wages to complete it this week.”
Reporter: So will these new bathrooms be just like the ones that you built outside?
Deacon Cal, Manager of Mount Carmel Preschool:  “No they can’t be as good because of the fact that the cleanup, any kind of mess that they make will be able to be cleaned up in the old bathrooms without any embarrassment at all to the children, without any time taken away from teaching the kids and just easier cleanup. Now if they make a mess the teacher will have to take time out, the kid will be embarrassed but they’ll still be able to clean it up. It’s kind of like a compromise, I don’t like it, I would rather have them push back a month than not have a school at all. We can cover a lot of the curriculum by the end of the year I don’t think they’ll have any problems whatsoever.”
According to Deacon Cal, the bathrooms should be completed by tomorrow.  Classes at the Benque Viejo Pre-School are tentatively set to start on October 5, 2019.