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Mountain lion spotted in Ladyville

Pictures of a mountain lion were circulating on social media this weekend, as the photos showed the animal in a tree in a backyard in the Lake Gardens area of Ladyville Village, Belize District. When we visited the house, the residents declined an interview, but said that the mountain lion ran off into some bushes after they took the picture. While many Ladyville residents expressed their fear on Facebook of the large cat, many others also explained that it was not a strange occurrence to see such an animal around in the area. The mountain lion, also known as a puma, is the second largest wild cat in Belize, but their population has been on a steady decline due to deforestation and forest fragmentation caused by land development.  This is one possible explanation why such an animal could be so close to populated areas. Back in June, we reported on a mountain lion in Gracie Rock that was making meals out of the residents’ pets, including their dogs and their goats. Residents in Punta Gorda have also been experiencing similar attacks on their pets.