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Musical documentary to be screened in San Ignacio

The documentary, Aldea Mundial will be shown this weekend in San Ignacio. The documentary features different cultures including the Garifuna. Jesse Louis is traveling across the countries to show the film and he spoke with Love News.

Jesse Louis – Prompter

“We are actually carrying on our bikes: bass guitar, cables, a projector, a projector screen and everything it takes to present a bicycle powered screening of the documentary called Aldea Mundia and its documentary, a musical documentary that was made by friend Mike Wagner in Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. So we are right now it’s just being finished. He’s just finally finished it in its entirety and he is meanwhile in Chile and other places presenting it and we are presenting it by bike power here in Belize and eventually in Cuba as well. The movie itself is revolves around Mike as musician, he is a DJ as well and unlike many other musicians he uses sounds that he records in the field to make his very modern bass heavy electronic music that a lot of people like. The difference is it has indigenous sounds, it has real sounds, it has bird sounds, it has sounds of a rock being thrown down a well but in this movie you get to see how people playing Bolle Renge people the Gaiteros up in Colombia playing Gaiter, you get to see the people here in Belize the Garifuna play the turtle shells and you get to see that happening in the video at the same time you’re hearing the transformation of the music. It’s interpreted by him and synthesized and made into a really modern music that basically asked the question what we are going to do with our roots as we move in the future? Its call Aldea Mundial which means ‘world village’ it’s about Belize, it’s about Cuba, it’s about the whole word but the places that he visited in particular Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, you know its Latin America based and each chapter focuses on a different country and the Belize chapter is quite exciting.”

Louis and Gabriela Valtierra explained what makes the experience so unique.

Jesse Louis – Prompter

 “The bicycle sits in the crowd on a kickstand there is a generator on the wheel and as the bicycle is powered the generator wheel spins and sends electricity to an inverter and then everything you see and hear is powered by the bicycle. We do not plug into the wall and it’s a bigger symbol for what’s happening in the world today with energy. All of our conflicts seem to be over energy, energy source you know damming up rivers, nuclear plants, and carbon plants. Where do we get this electricity ? Where does our light come from; in our case its very interesting you can see where the energy comes from. It comes from that rider on that bike right there. The rider goes up and he needs to keep a certain level of peddling, the speed and there is a green light on the motor that can tell us if it goes right or not, if it goes stable or not so we can encourage the people like come on peddle more or were playing hard and there is not enough battery “like come one pedal because we need more power” so you understand that you are the one generating the power so we can play or show the movie. Load the battery fully charged and just use it but the thing is to share with the people so they understand and participate on the action and so it is not only us but it’s also the public.”

Aldea Mundial will be shown at the Soul Project in San Ignacio on Friday night at eight o’clock and on Saturday at the Welcome Center beginning at six thirty p.m.