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Moving Forward with the Assets and Funding of the PUP

Some weeks ago leading up to the PUP’s Convention, one of the points we were querying was that of the assets of the People’s United Party, namely, Vibes Radio, the Belize Times and Independence Hall which are currently privately owned.  Under the previous Briceno leadership, he was being pressured to buy the assets for as much as eight hundred thousand dollars.  This new term of Briceno’s leadership, however, seems to have some marked changes including the movement to have those assets placed in a trust.


On the financial side of the People’s United Party, Briceno says he will be meeting with the Party’s Treasurer, Ramon Cervantes and they will be formulating a budget.


In a previous interview, Briceno did mention the possibility of going digital and online when it comes to the radio and newspaper. It is uncertain if Briceno is inheriting any outstanding debts from the Fonseca term.