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MOWH Announces New Lock Down Measures

The lockdown of the three villages in the south expires tomorrow and will not be extended. This was one of the announcements made by Minister Chebat as he announced a new lockdown and gave an update on the clusters recently found on the south side of Belize City.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health: “We are gonna be locking down for a period of two weeks the village of Santa Elena in the Toledo district. We have been experiencing a large number of positive cases coming out of that village and we believe that the only way to control is to lock down that village and so as of today for a period of two weeks they’re gonna be locked down. As we did with Barranco, Conejo and Midway we are gonna be providing them with water, food and a stipend for the period of two weeks.”

Reporter: Is the curfew in Conejo and Midway complete or will that be extended as well ?

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health: “Well those will not be extended I believe¬†that comes to an end tomorrow and so the lock down will no longer continue in those villages. We are no longer seeing positive cases coming out of those villages so we are confident that that can now come to an end. There is an increase in numbers in the south side of Belize City which we are monitoring very very closely. So we are at the monitoring stage with that, we do not yet feel that we are at a stage where we need to lock down and so we’re not quite there yet in Belize City.”

As was noted, the lockdown in the three villages ends tomorrow and the one for Santa Elena Village takes effect on Friday, July 30.