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Mr Middleton Slated to Reappear for Senate Investigation

The Special Senate Select Committee will continue its probing into the Auditor General’s Special Visa and other findings Report on the Immigration and Nationality Department for period 2011-2013. (VO STARTS) Since the start of the inquiry last year, more than fifteen witnesses have been called, including former UDP Belize City Deputy Mayor Eric Chang. The committee decided to take a break during the Easter vacation and tomorrow the six member committee will continue its investigations. Since the start of the televised hearings, several controversial statements have been made by witnesses. One of the most controversial statements made came from the former Chief Elections Officer, Ruth Meighan who suggested that hundreds of immigrants received permanent residency allowing them to vote for the 2012 general elections when they did not meet the requirements. And who can forget the bombshell of a statement by former finance officer, Teresita Castellanos who spoke about a corrupt culture within the immigration department. And most recently, the statements made by Barton Middleton made headlines. Middleton along with Castellanos and data entry clerk, Omar Phillips is expected to be questioned by the committee tomorrow. Love News well be there and we will bring you the update.