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Mrs. Jane Usher receives state funeral

In respect of the late Honorable Dr. Jane Usher all Belize Flags were flown at half- mast for the past few days until Usher was laid to rest. Jane Usher, the credit union icon was laid to rest at the Price-Usher home on the highway. Before the body was laid to rest, she was escorted by the military through the streets of Belize City for anyone who wished to pay their respects. Love News reports on the final hours of Jane Usher, known to many Belizeans as Miss Jane.

Jose Sanchez: “At 12:30 in the afternoon her body was taken by soldiers on a slow march by North Front St. and then to the Holy Redeemer Cathedral for the funeral service which was led by Celebrant Bishop Larry Nicasio. Inside the church the Governor General Sir Colville Young, the Leader of the Opposition John Bricenio and in addition diplomats and members of the Diplomatic Corps paid their respects. Albert’s area representative Tracey Ortega Panton addressed the gathering.”

Honorable Tracy Ortega Panton: “As we come together to celebrate this extraordinary life of this wife, mother, grandmother, public servant, Politician, Parliamentarian, CEO, financial advisor, role model, mentor, proud daughter of Belize. It is only fitting that as a Government and a people that we pay the highest tribute to Ms. Jane’s work in public life and for the great legacy that will forever be enshrined in the institution she founded and nurtured with unwavering dedication and perseverance. Miss Jane Usher was a warrior woman in every respect. She was ahead of her time, she had a clear vision for Belize and there was no one and nothing that would deter her from brining this vision to life. As we mourn her passing know that a grateful nation will continue to lift her up in positive thought and prayer. May the Lord bless and keep you, may he make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you and may he grant you his abiding peace at this very difficult time.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Usher’s son Robert spoke about her last moments.”

Robert Usher: “The wonderful great Belizean lady has passed, we gather here to lay to eternal rest Jane Ellen Mary Price Usher or as so often been said over her long life our beloved granny Jane, the respected Lady Jane, the honored Dr. Jane, beautiful Ma Jane and the favourite term of endearment most widely used often by all so lovingly Ms. Jane. She died peacefully in her bed at home finally at rest at 5:05 in the morning of December 12th, the feast day of our Lady of Guadalupe. The coincidence of the timing seeming to confirm to all of us her never ending love for her 5 boys and her 5 girls. In her final days when she lay in bed she always had a flashlight at her side and at different hours of the night in the dark she would turn it on and flash the beam on a picture on the wall of her 10 children and sometimes she would say each name quietly one by one. I think she would appreciate and agree with these well known final words sometimes overused but very apt for today’s occasion. There was a great president of the United States of America born in 1917 who said in his inaugural address in 1961” Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for you country” and she did just that, Mi Madre may you rest in peace.

Jose Sanchez: “ The body was then taken into Queen St. where in front of the PUP headquarters a ceremony was held in her honor. Usher was the former Pickstock area representative for two terms. The motorcade then carried her body to the Price Usher home on the Philip Goldson Highway for her final resting place. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”