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Muffles College Set to Administer the Pfizer Vaccine to Students

Students at Muffles College High School in Orange Walk Town are one of the first sets of young persons who will be vaccinated with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. The rollout begins on Monday, August 23 at the school’s auditorium The school’s administration issued a notice to parents earlier today. Love News spoke with the Principal, Maria Johnston who explained that the Ministry of Health had reached out to them on Monday for the rollout.

Maria Johnston, Principal, Muffles College High School: “The Ministry of Health contacted us on Monday to see whether we would be ready to administer or assist them in administering the vaccine to our students as early as August 23rd which is the first day that we were scheduled to reopen. And of course as we are participating in ensuring that our population is safe and many of our parents have been asking us also if an when the vaccine arrives in Belize if we would be facilitating that to our students I mean we jumped at the opportunity in letting the Ministry of Health know that we were prepared. So this coming Monday we are going to be assisting, our teachers will be assisting the Ministry of Health in ensuring that those students who are Muffles College students and want to get the vaccine you know we’ll be here to assist them to get that vaccine. We will inform our students that from certain time slots they’re expected to be here on campus. For example our first formers are expected to be here from eight to ten. Second formers from ten to twelve, third formers from one to two thirty, and the fourth formers will be from two thirty to three thirty. So during those periods of time they will be coming to school with their parent, their parent will sign a consent form that they’re giving consent, the student presents their Social Security as a form of identification so that the teachers can then document that then they pass to the nurses from the Ministry of Health who will be administering the vaccine and as normal they would wait fifteen minutes to see if there is any reaction the same way the adults have been treated and then they will be sent home. We have had parents asking us ‘So what is the student has a reaction the following day.’ you know a little fever, a body ache and cannot attend really the first day of class which is scheduled for Tuesday then we treat it in a similar manner as those during the year who get sick, the parents give us a call and then it becomes and excused absence so it is something that we’re prepared to also consider. The Ministry of Education stated that if we get a hundred percent of our students vaccinated we can reopen schools as early as October the fourth. It might be an ambitious date and an ambitious percentage but I don’t know I mean with our parents we don’t know.”

In order for a student to receive the vaccination parents must submit a signed consent form. If a high majority of the students are vaccinated face to face classes could resume on Monday, October 4. As it stands currently, all teachers at Muffles High School are fully vaccinated with the exception of one with underlying health conditions.