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Multi-million Dollar Upgrades made to Improve Water Services

There were major works being undertaken by the BWSL and the saying goes progress brings problems. So while many had criticized the company, it was a planned water outage that got affected by other factors as the CEO Alvan Haynes pointed out. However, as Love News found out, major upgrades to a system from the 90’s are being made to increase overall water pressure.

Jose Sanchez: From Tuesday afternoon there had been a notable water shortage in Belize city and villages along the highway. It was the result of a plant outage to make major upgrades. BWSL CEO Alvin Haynes explained the multi million dollar project had to be done in conjunction with the Ministry of Works as it did its own upgrades to streets and roads.

Alvan Haynes BWS CEO:  The project as it was conceived ended up with an estimate of approximately 4.5 million dollars being needed for water infrastructure works. Essentially we have a 14 inch main and a 24 inch main that runs along the Philip Goldson Highway. Our plant is in Sandhill what we call Doublerun and 24 inch main brings water down directly to Belize City and feeds the two major tanks on SouthSide pumping station and at Wilson St. Belize City is then fed from those. The works that we have conceived basically involves primarily changing out the old 14 inch that runs their.

Dave Pascasio Operations Manager: We have increased the size of all service connections and service connections are the pipeline that supplies the customer premise from the main. Originally on that main they were all three quarter pipes.  Now we have two inch; nothing below one inch so that alone will increase pressures and flow to the customers.

Jose Sanchez: So the take away is simply to bear patience while there is this service interruption and after that you will experience better service.

Alvan Haynes BWS CEO: Yes that’s it in a nutshell; increase , improve service.

Jose Sanchez: Okay on behalf of the people of West Landivar; what West Landivar that live in the upper flats will we also be experiencing this change?

Alvan Haynes BWS CEO:  It will increase the flow and pressure to everybody in that area  regardless of the upper flat, lower flat should get benefit of increase supply.

Jose Sanchez: Many people waited until after 9pm until they were able to shower. The Belize Water Services Ltd. says there are six scheduled interruptions as part of its upgrading; however last night was fifth such outage. The next and last schedule outage should be on August 14th 2018.

The BWSL team pointed out that there should only be one more outage to complete the upgrade and steps should be taken to ensure there’s water in your home or office during that designated day in mid-August.