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Multiple fires over the weekend

There were multiple house fires over the weekend.  In the first incident, our Correspondent Paul Mahung says the fire was ignited when lightening hit a thatch roof.

Paul Mahung: “ Fire totally destroyed the house of a teacher and family in rural Toledo. Information from Senator Macario Coye indicated that about 8:10 pm on Friday, June 21st during a thunderstorm a thatch wooden building was struck by lighting and was totally destroyed by fire in Dolores Village. Due to the fire all household items, kitchen utensils and other personal belongings of the family including students’ academic records, personal laptop and twenty bags of conch stored in the house were destroyed. Coye mentioned the teacher from Dolores Primary School Miguel Pann and family were away from home at a church service in the village when the incident occurred. Despite harsh weather conditions helpful villagers immediately responded and this assistance was only able to save the nearby parked family vehicle from destruction. Teacher Miguel Pann, his wife, and three children are now homeless and are in need of any assistance. Love News was not able to get any direct contact information but as soon as that is available, that information will be provided. Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent Love News.”

Another fire broke out in the wee hours of Saturday morning, this time in Belize City.  Fire fighters were called out to George Street and neighbours were awoken to the blaze. The quick response from the Fire Department prevented the blaze from spreading to nearby houses.  Love News understands that some persons were trapped inside the house.  A pair of nearby residents recounted what transpired.

Voice 1: “My sister and I were asleep at the time, we saw the raging smoke bellowing, coming off, actually the fire was in full rage. At the time I feared for our safety and tried to get ourselves out the house. The Fire Department showed up, my brother in law was the one that called 911 and the Fire Department showed up. We were fearing for our lives because the fire actually started to shoot in from the side window. We had to remove the curtains because the sparks that were coming off the tree and from the fire was coming in through the window. We had to remove our furniture and start to throw water on the window so that the fire wouldn’t catch on the inside.”

Voice 2: “Because the windows are metal, it was intensively hot so we couldn’t close them and that opened a way for the fire to kind of like rage through the window. That is where all the furniture, the sofa and everything is so everything just started to catch.”

Voice 1: “We had to actually get out, get some water and start splashing it on there. We ended up getting up on the opposite side of the house and stood on the water tank until they actually put the fire out.”

The George Street fire consumed two houses; one was an abandoned structure and the other was the home of an elderly man (FIRE VO) who made it out alive.

Sunday night saw another house fire ignite out in the west.  The Valley of Peace home was completely destroyed as told by Cayo Correspondent, Fem Cruz.

Fem Cruz: “Valley of Peace Police are investigating a fire last night in the village that destroyed the home of a family of two. According to the owner of the house fifty-seven-year-old Efrain Magana, a resident of Valley of Peace Village. Sometime around midnight last night, they were sleeping inside their house measuring 16 x 21 ft when they were awakened by the smell of smoke and heat. The granddaughter of Mr. Magana interpreted to us what was said in Spanish.

 Granddaughter of Mr. Magana: “At around twelve o’clock last night my grandparents were sleeping inside their house when they were awakened by the crackling of flames and the light coming in through the openings of the house. On coming outside they were met by fire engulfing their first house that they were living in which was occupied right now by a family of two. With the assistance of neighbors, we teamed up together and with water, buckets, and hoses we tried to contain the fire. Thank God the new houses beside it: one belonging to his daughter and the other to him, the fire was contained. The losses in the house were confirmed to be $25,000. We do not know what caused the fire but the police and fire department are investigating.”

Fem Cruz: “This is brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent reporting for Love FM.”