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Municipal Airstrip Brought to International Standards

barry-bowenOver the last few months, the Belize City Municipal Airstrip has been undergoing some renovations with the aim at expanding the runway and improving its security features including lighting, signage and road markings.  The seventeen million dollar project is near full completion and will have a runway measuring two thousand nine hundred feet wide with a parallel taxiway as well as a new lighting system to accommodate night landings coupled with appropriate markings and signage.  Friday, November 11 has been set aside to officially inaugurate the airstrip which will now take on the name, Sir Barry Bowen’s Municipal Airport.  The official ceremony will be hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Belize Airport Authority.  The monies which were provided via the Social Security Board also afforded the installation of an access road between the Marion Jones Stadium and St John’s College as well as the paving of the road from Marine Parade near the stadium with Saint Matthews Street.  The project also included the construction of a parking lot with a capacity for over one hundred and fifty vehicles and a security booth and an electronic barrier system and a modern surveillance system.  With thought for the environmental impacts, seashore protection was also installed alongside the runway to complement the mangrove system as well as a drainage system.  The now refurbished airport will allow for simultaneous take-offs and landings. According to the release from the Belize Airport Authority, provisions have also been made to accommodate future expansion of the airport which now becomes the main hub for national municipal flights.