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Municipal Slates for PG and San Pedro Finalized

The People’s United Party municipal slate for Punta Gorda Town has been selected. Our Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: “A PUP Mayoral and six councilor candidates was selected to contest upcoming municipal elections in Punta Gorda. PUP Vice Chairperson of Toledo East constituency and Punta Gorda PUP Mayoral candidate Charles Selgado spoke to Love News.”

Charles Selgado, PUP Mayoral Candidate

Charles Selgado, PUP Mayoral Candidate: “There was a small election and after the election myself was nominated as the mayoral candidate and the following people were nominated as councilor candidates. Nominated that night was Mary Palacio, Roberto Vires, Eyulis Guy, we had Malcolm Galvez, Arnold Williams and Moses Cal and that was the team selected from amongst ourselves. It was a smooth going process, everybody appeared to have been satisfied that night and now we look forward for everybody’s cooperation toward the municipal elections.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: “Selgado further expressed gratitude to three other candidates Luke Palacio, Sheldon Ramirez and Luana Heins who were among the four interested PUP mayoral candidates and six other candidates Anthony Westby, Dr.Francis Arzu, Anthony Fuentes, Anita Lucas and Jamir Manzanilla who were among the eleven interested PUP councilor candidates. Information to Love News indicates that UDP plans are yet in process to finalize selection of Punta Gorda UDP mayoral and six councilor candidates.”

For the People’s United Party slate our San Pedro Correspondent spoke with Gualberto (Wally) Nunez who is the PUP’s Mayoral candidate.

Jorge Aldana, San Pedro Correspondent:  A pilot by profession and one of only two members of the People’s United Party to have been elected in a split council over the past eighteen years in San Pedro Town the young Gualberto Nunez believes that it is his time to lead the tourism dependent island. According to Nunez with the right team that the PUP have put in place they’re poised to become the change the island is yearning for. 

Gualberto Nunez, San Pedro Mayoral Candidate

Gualberto Nunez, San Pedro Mayoral Candidate: “This is something that has come a very very long way. Since I was a very young age as a young kid I was behind the People’s United Party. My uncles, family members they have been very well involved and they have been part of what is service to our community and that is one of the main reasons why I have always wanted to run for the mayor and I look forward to serving the community.”

Jorge Aldana, San Pedro Correspondent: You have been a councilor in the past I think two terms before, do you think you can contribute more than just being a councilor that you were before ?

Gualberto Nunez, San Pedro Mayoral Candidate:  “Definitely that’s part of the reason why I want to run as mayoral candidate because I know there is a lot more that can be done and can be contributed as the mayoral candidate. We have a slate comprised of experienced and new comers. We have part of our team is well experienced as well in community service. We have newcomers with new ideas and it is a diversification of people that forms our slate.”

Jorge Aldana, San Pedro Correspondent: Over the past year the island’s economy has taken a serious impact mainly due to the collapse of the tourism industry as the result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Not withstanding Nunez said that the council has not been free of scandals and residents want a council that is transparent and accountable.

Gualberto Nunez, San Pedro Mayoral Candidate:  “For the people we rise which we wanted to focus more on our people. The people have been – we have seen they have been neglected. People, the streets have been neglected, we can see there hasn’t been proper accountability and transparency that’s what we are actually aiming for; serving the people.”

Jorge Aldana, San Pedro Correspondent: The United Democratic Party has been in power for eighteen years, six consecutive terms, do you think this time around the People’s United Party will be able to unseat them from what is considered one of their strongholds ?

Gualberto Nunez, San Pedro Mayoral Candidate:  “Definitely we proved that on this past elections and I am pretty sure that the people are ready for the change. I believe that the people want the change and it is time for it now. We have the backup from Central Government and we need our full team of seven PUPs.”

Jorge Aldana, San Pedro Correspondent: Nunez’s team comprises of Jose Castellanos, Ernesto Bardalez, Dianeli Aranda, Adaly Ayuso, Joannia Duarte and Marina Kay. Interestingly a total of seven women thus far are contesting the municipal elections from a list of fourteen declared candidates; three of the UDP slate and four of the PUP slate.

Municipal elections are slated for Wednesday, March 3.