Municipalities Commemorate Belize’s 42nd Independence Anniversary

Municipalities Commemorate Belize’s 42nd Independence Anniversary

Various municipalities across the country held official ceremonies yesterday to commemorate the forty-second anniversary of Belize’s independence. Mayor Robert Mariano and Area Representative Louis Zabaneh spoke at the Dangriga Town ceremony, where they touched on topics such as the responsibility that comes with being an independent nation and the strides government has made to liberate the minds of Belizeans through education.

Robert Mariano, Mayor of Dangriga Town: “Independence brings its responsibility for which each of us are responsible for. As a young country, we need to uphold unity and work towards progress.”

Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State, Ministry of Education: “We want our people to be independent like we are celebrating today our independence, that requires that we have quality education. And as you know, it is reality that really matters and the reality is that this year thank God under the leadership of our new government of our Prime Minister, we have been able to deliver free education to Delille High School, to Anri High School, and to Georgetown Technical High School. Free education for all the children going to these schools. That is a step in the right direction to complement the new curriculum that we have because we know that people have difficulty to pay for tuition and fees and so we have to make our entire education system as free as it can be for our young people to access.”

In Punta Gorda, Mayor Charles Selgado gave the opening address while Area Representative for Toledo East Mike Espat engaged crowds on the issue of civic pride and the need to work together as a people. Meanwhile, in Belize City, Mayor Bernard Wagner spoke on plans in the works to further develop the city.

Mike Espat, Toledo East Area Representative: “Tonight the importance of our role as citizens of this town, Punta Gorda. We will not always remember that. That our community comes first and it is our responsibility to protect this district and we cannot do it alone. We need everyone to participate and to help us to build, rather than to tear down.”

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “Downtown Belize City has always been our commercial hub and in many respects still serves as our main commercial zone but our city is evolving and it has been shaped organically by the activities of the entities that conduct business in our city. In the future we see the downtown area being transformed into a financial district flanked by the existing banking institutions and anchored by the new securities market industry. The development of this industry will result in hundreds of professional high paying jobs and millions of dollars in business value being generated by the new financial district.”

The Belize City ceremony was followed by the Citizens’ Parade, including high school students, marching bands, Christian organizations and youth groups, as well as members of the public.

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