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Murder #11 In Seven Days

The murder of Troy Cole yesterday morning was still being covered, when another deadly shooting claimed the life of 21-year-old Johan Cocom at around six thirty Wednesday evening.  Cocom was shot multiple times, allegedly there were 10 shots fired at him of which 8 hit him on the chest, shoulders and legs. Today Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke about the murder and the ongoing investigation.


“Our investigation is showing that sometime around 6:30pm last night one Johan Cocom a 21 year old was riding his bicycle on Prince Street contrary to the flow of traffic. When reaching that street’s intersection with East Canal a gunman from a vehicle that was parked right at the lane fired several shots at him which subsequently resulted to his demise. The vehicle then made it’s way down Prince Street with the flow of traffic and made a southern turn into Albert Street. From what we are seeing and what our investigation is saying to us at this time he may have been the intended target.”

ACP Williams stated at a Press Conference this morning that Cocom was most possibly targeted by the shooter. He also stated that the shooting was gang related.  Cocom’s grieving family does not agree with the Police’s explanation that Johan was the intended target. Today his sister spoke with us off camera and wished to remain unnamed. She told Love that Johan had gone out to buy when he was shot and that he was on a bicycle that remains unaccounted for.


“He was home about to eat and I am a Facebook fan and I went on Facebook at around 7:30 and I saw his photo online and I was like no it can’t be. I came to visit my family and that’s when I realized my brother was gone. I remembered I left from here around 5 and he said he was going to take a bath and his older sister sent him to buy and while coming back he took Prince street, he was just go and come and while going on that street the gunman just came up and took his life.”

His sister stated that Johan was a friendly person with a variety of friends. The family, however, cannot say for sure if any of those friends are related to any gangs.


“Johan isn’t a part of any gang that I know of and his friends have nothing to do with what the gang has to do. Honestly friends are friends, bad friends or good friends they all have an influence on us. We have no say in who we hang with at the end of the day but it’s the reaction we have that places an impact on our lives. Whether Johan was good or bad I know him as someone who was good and seeing his life end like this it isn’t fair because he was the sweetest young man I ever knew, he kept a smile on his face, he always made everyone happy. We could all be quarrelling and Johan would always be the one to run a silly joke to put a smile on our face. He was never a kid that had a problem in the streets or came home mad or that someone was messing with him. Johan was just a kid that as you see him you saw someone bright and awesome.”

The family also told us that they would like to know what the police has found out but they have not heard any information from the police so far.


“Not one police showed up here, not one came to say that they have a suspect or anything. It’s just the news people showing up investigating. So we have no idea what is going on, we have no idea who is held responsible, we can only go of what we know of; he was sent to the shop to buy and he never came back.”