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Murder #5 – Albert Abraham Shot in His Front Yard

Belize City police are investigating the murder of Albert Abraham which occurred last night at around seven thirty in the Gungulung area.  Preliminary investigations reveal that the victim was standing near the gate of his home on Holy Emmanuel Street when a gunman approached the area in a vehicle and fired several shots in his direction.  The area was blocked off as the Scenes of Crime technicians collected evidence and investigators spoke to family members and neighbors.  According to the sister of the deceased, Kay Smith,while Abraham did peddle marijuana he was not a trouble maker.


“I went to drop my grandkids to the lane so I came back. When I came back I met him and he had two stouts here and he asked me if wanted one and he opened it and gave me and so I drank it. I stood up over there and when I stood there I was drinking the thing and he was talking to me and the boy came to buy. When the boy came to buy he went and got the thing and he sold the boy and he left through the gate and he went to put up the thing. When he went through the gate I heard a banging out here and it was a vehicle that was coming had knocked a dog. That’s what got my attention and I went to look there and the vehicle slowed down when it had hit the dog and after that it sped off and went and after that I heard another set of bangs and then I saw a boy going down there. They found the bike but who that boy was I didn’t see. I can’t tell you that I saw anything. He was not in that world I didn’t know that my brother was in that. My brother was 47 and I didn’t know that he was a gang banger. All he wanted was money. That is why I told the little girls, we don’t want retaliation. I will leave it God’s hands and he will handle everything. They have it wrong, they took my little brothers. They violated my yard. If my brother was a trouble making person yes well then he got caught up but my brother was not into that. I just buried my mom about a month now, we just got through a hard time to burry my mom we don’t have anything I don’t have anything so I don’t know, we are poor people. We don’t have anything.”


“What would you want to say to the people who did this ?”


“I want to tell them is that they should have thought before they came to knock at this door, because this door is love, we are love, we don’t trouble people. They say my children are bad but all of us we are love. They always frame the situation to say that my children are bad men but we are a loving people.”

Love News was at the scene last night and spoke to several residents in the area but all they would say is that they heard the shots but did not see anything.  Abraham is said to be the uncle to a member of the PIV gang.  Police is yet to release any comments on this fifth homicide for 2017.