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Murder in a Rather Peaceful Village Shakes Residents

The third murder was reported in the Toledo District as we hear from correspondent Paul Mahung.


“The murder has stirred concerns in Pointe village which is known as a rather peaceful community. Officer in Command of the Toledo Police Formation, assistant Superintendent Clement Cacho spoke to Love News about the murder.”


“At approximately 11:07pm on Saturday the 18th of June 2016 information was received of a male person apparently dead at San Benito Poite village located in the Toledo District. As a result of the information Punta Gorda police visited the scene where they arrived there at around 2am. Opposite the primary school in some low bushes they observed the lifeless body of a male person in crouched position suffering from multiple chop wounds. Initial investigations revealed that the deceased was later identified as Francisco Ack ,36 year old was heading home from church when he was attacked by two unidentified male persons who inflicted the said injuries to Mr. Ack. We have a motive for the latest murder however I cannot disclose that information to the public at this time. No one has been detained, we have the name of one person of interest and we will endeavor to get that person into our custody.”


“Francisco Ack lived with his wife and five children in San Benito Poite village located 42 miles out of Punta Gorda in very rural Toledo.”