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Murder in Japan, Ladyville

Another murder has been reported in the Belize District. At around nine o’clock last night, thirty one year old Lloyd Robateau, a resident of Japan area in Ladyville, was gunned down at his home. Reports are that Robateau was heading to his outhouse to shower when the culprit fired several shots at him killing him at his door steps. Assistant commissioner of police Edward Broaster, Rural Executive Officer gave the media details.


“Initial investigation revealed that one Loyd Gerald Robateau, 31 year old laborer of Japan area received multiple gunshot wound to his upper body and lower body. When we processed the scene we recovered 17 expended shells and three live rounds. Mr.Jones was taken to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival. His death is being investigated as a murder at this time and we are looking for some individuals who we believe will be of interest in this investigation. The initial investigation that we have conducted indicated that Mr.Robateau had a conflict with some individuals about a month or two ago and we believe that that incident may have been the one that lead to his death. At this time I wouldn’t want to comment on the motive or the status of that because we are yet to confirm that that is the case and we wouldn’t want to speculate until we confirm it.”

Robateau lived in a very remote area in the Japan area of the village. Access to Robateau’s home is some distance from the road. Police are looking for some individuals that are familiar with the area.  Police say last night’s murder does not appear to be gang or drugs related.


“The area where Mr.Robateau lives is an isolated area. While he did have a couple neighbors in the area the area is really isolated in terms of road access and so forth. Apparently it appears as if though Mr.Robateau was exiting his premises to go take a shower when he was shot.”

A neighbor that lives not too far from Robateau spoke about what she heard last night.


“I was in my house when I heard the gunshots about eight or nine because they were fast. He texted some friends to come and hang out with him so the friends came to hang out with him. When they met him he was already dead. The boys came to tell my neighbor to say that he was shot, he came and told us that and then we came out. A lot of people pass and go through the back or always pass near here. He was a calm person.”

The neighbor visited his scene after the shooting and found Robateau with gunshots to the throat, arms, chest, stomach, leg and ankle.