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Murder in Mahogany Heights

Angelica Cruz reporting …

“Twenty three year old Desmond Myers, a resident of Mahogany Heights who was reported missing by his common law wife Sherima Neal on Friday night, June 26 was found this morning Monday June 29 sometime around eight thirty in the water reservoir area behind Mahogany Heights about two hundred fifty yards off the Pine Ridge Road in a pimento patch. Love News spoke to the common-law wife of the deceased Sherima Neal about the last time she saw her loved one alive.

Sherima Neal, Common-law-wife

“My common-law husband was at home about eight thirty, left saying he was going to his dad’s house and told me to get ready so we can go. When he reached his dad, his dad said he had a discussion with him. Before he left he got a phone call and it was the phone call that caused him to leave. To where, we don’t know. Who called, we don’t know either. He went and did not return on Friday night. I waited, I stayed up and he did not return. I started to text everyone I thought he would have been with and then the other day, his family that I texted came out and asked me if I am sure he went missing. I told them, they know he would never do something like that. His dad decided for us to come together and start to search for him because we know he went missing because he is not like that. We started to search around, we called different stations to see if the police had him and there was no response. They didn’t have him so we knew he was up here because the way he was dressed was not for going anywhere and he wouldn’t dress in slippers to go to Belize or nowhere else. I told his dad Momuch is right up here because that’s how we call him. We started to search without the help of Police. We searched and searched almost the entire village but nothing. Yesterday we were in this area but just didn’t go to the one spot we found him today. We were right back here by the reservoir, we were right there but we turned back because it was getting late. Last night we were worrying but I knew he was dead. I knew he was dead because if he has life, he will fight to reach home. He loves his children. He will fight to reach home and I told my mom we have to get up and be strong because I had a dream that he came to me and said we had to find him today. I woke up with the faith that we would find him and so said. We came back here and we were searching and as we were searching I was praying and asking God to just lead us to the body and so we reached. We found him.”

Fem Cruz – Love News

“Tell us his condition.”

Sherima Neal, Common-law-wife

“His condition was bad. He didn’t deserve a death like that. His face was as if he was all beaten up, he was already swelling. His face was swollen and he was beaten up bad. His shirt was opened up as if he was fighting back. We didn’t even see his foot; we don’t even know how his lower part looked. He was a nice person to everybody.”

Angelica Cruz reporting

“Cecil Usher, the brother in law of Sherima Neal was the one who found the body. An onsite post mortem was conducted on the body and the cause of death is undetermined. Twenty three year old Desmond Myers better known as Momuch was taken to Gales Point, Manatee by family members where he will be peacefully laid to rest”