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Murder inside Bayview Guesthouse

Saturday was particularly violent. And it is unclear how a murder had occurred in the Bay View Guest House on Baymen Avenue in Belize City without raising any alarm. The guesthouse has security on site but yet a 40 year old man was killed in his room.  The police say Allin Anthony Portillo left Independence Village in the Stan Creek District for Belize City and checked into the hotel at 11:00 a.m. Assistant Superintendent of Police told the media that there were no signs of forced entry to the room and no sign of violence.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “ On Saturday we had three other murders: two were shootings. We begin with the male person that was found inside of Bayview Guest House located at # 58 Baymen Ave. Police were called out to that scene and upon arrival and making checks inside of room # 4 they discovered the motionless body of a male person who was covered with a blanket. Upon inspection of the body he was observed to have his hands tied up to the front and both of his feet were also tied up. Inside of the room was kind of ransacked, however we could not determine if anything was stolen from inside of the room. What Police has gathered so far is that this male person was later identified as Aline Anthony Portillo a Belizean security guard of Independence Village. What we know so far is that Mr. Portillo had left on Friday from Independence and arrived here in Belize City to have a softball game on Saturday. He went and he booked a room at the hotel and thereafter on Saturday later on his body was found by one of the maids of the guesthouse.

ASP Cowo says the cause of death is manual strangulation.