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Police Says It Was Murder not Suicide

The death of forty one year old Oscar Gomez has been ruled as murder. Last week Thursday, Gomez was found bleeding from his neck in Lords Bank. While police are unsure of what took place, they were told by eyewitness Alex Williams that his friend, Gomez had stabbed himself in the neck. Following the autopsy report, police have ruled Gomez’s death as murder.  Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, Officer in Command at Rural Eastern Division spoke to the media about their findings.


“As we briefed you all with respect to the fatal stabbing of Mr.Gomez after the post mortem was conducted we learnt that Mr.Gomez had eight stab wounds to the throat, four of which went two and a half inches deed and another one that went three and half inches deep. For that reason we are now investigating that matter as a murder and we have the prime suspect in custody who is the witness that originally reported to us that Mr.Gomez had committed suicide. At present we are interviewing him along with interviewing him, the girl that he was along with him as well as the neighbor who he reported us that he went to call.”

Police are not able to say what occurred before Gomez’ murder. When we spoke with Gomez’s family last week they said it was difficult to believe since the men were close friends. Assistant Commissioner Broaster says that there is no way possible that Gomez could have inflicted the stab wounds to himself.


“We don’t want to go into speculation as to certain things that we are contemplating but nevertheless to share that it is being treated as a murder and we are investigating this matter thoroughly. It was reported to us as suicide but we are not leaving anything out and we had been investigating this matter as if though it was a murder so some of the stories that were told to us didn’t really add up hence the reason we did not come out and say that we agreed that it was a suicide and we were just awaiting the post mortem results which have confirmed our suspicions and the wounds are that deep and there are multiple and there was no way that Mr.Gomes could have inflicted all of those wounds to himself.”

The murder weapon was found on the scene and is yet to be dusted for finger prints.