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Murder on St Jude Street

A mid-afternoon shooting in Belize City has left one man dead.  When Police responded to the scene on St. Jude Street, just before two o’clock this afternoon, they found the body of Victor Garnett with a gunshot wound to the head. Garnett is no stranger to Police. He has been charged for a number of murders in San Pedro, and police are leaning towards those as a motive for this afternoon’s murder. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams spoke on the murder.


“The victim is one Garnett from San Pedro, he was in San Pedro and apparently he moved to Belize City recently. I guess you people would be familiar with him, he has been charged for three murders in San Pedro, a double murder and another murder and from what we are seeing it appears that he was in that area waiting for somebody and that person or persons might have met him and eventually inflicted the gunshot wounds that he sustained which resulted in his demise. Investigators we try to keep every possibility open. When we conduct investigations we try not to leave any stones unturned and that is a possibility we are looking at. We are also looking at the possibility of retaliation as a result of those murders which he had been accused of and from our investigation the information we have gathered so far is that the suspect is a teenager who came out of a yard and fired several shots, two teenagers actually came out of a yard and fired at him and eventually caught him in the head and that was the fatal injury.

Police were working on information they had received early in the day and sent out patrols in the nearby area. Assistant Commissioner Williams says they are crimes that can be stopped but they cannot monitor civilians. He says they are continuing their investigation.


“As investigation progresses we have a lot of work to do. I have given certain information instructions to my officers in that area to carry out as a part of the investigations and they are out there, the CIB as well as the uniform police officers are there doing the best to see what they can gather in terms of evidence for us to be able to move forward with the investigation. After all while we do have certain information the information if of no use unless we can get it reduced into statement form and that we can go to court so we are trying to see how best we could work with people in the area who will be able to give us statements as it relate s to what they may have witnessed in the area prior to the shooting and even during the shooting. We are not in the habit of monitoring people or following people to that extent because that could be regarded as an invasion of privacy so we do not do that. We have different categories of crime, we have what we refer to as non preventable and those that we refer to as preventable and why I say so is because earlier in the day we had received certain information and the police had responded to the information and those persons who were involved in that information upon seeing the police coming they took off and were not caught by the police. The police remained in the area patrolling and like I said the police cannot stay in one area and they must move around and apparently they took advantage of the opportunity when the police were not in that immediate area to have committed the crime.”

In 2009, Garnett was charged for murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of James Swan, Edward Gutierrez and John Paul Saldivar.