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Murder on the Basketball Court

What should have been a fun Sunday evening at the Faber’s Road basketball court, turned deadly. 34-year-old Marlon Bonner of a Faber’s Road address was gunned down. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams tells us more about the city’s latest murder and what the investigation has revealed so far.


“Sometime around 4pm on Yesterday’s date police were called to the basketball court on the corner of Faber’s road and Central American Boulevard where upon arrival the lifeless body of one Marlon Bonner was seen. He was transported to the KHMH and he was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctors at that institution. What we have gathered so far is that Mr.Bonner was playing basketball on the basketball court as he normally does every Sunday when a gunman came and approached him and fired shots at him which resulted in his demise. At this time we have not been able to determine a motive and I must state that from our investigation and what we know Mr.Bonner is not a member of affiliated with any gang so I do not want anyone to go out there and say he is affiliated with any gang and that it is gang related. We do not think it is gang related so we are investigating to see if we can arrive at a motive that could have lead to that unfortunate incident yesterday.”

Williams emphasized that the police does not have a motive for the murder at this point. Some alleged that it was gang related, as Bonner had acquaintances that belong to gangs, but Williams was quick to dispel the idea that Bonner’s murder might be gang related.


“Like is customary we know who the gunman is and the difficulty that we always encounter is people who witness these incidents and are reluctant to give statements. That is our difficulty and where we are at this time. Our investigation will continue, we will try our best to see if we can get statements from people who were around so that we are able to institute criminal charges for murder against the gun man. The gunman is affiliated with a gang but not because the suspect is gang affiliated means the victim is also affiliated with a gang,. As I’ve said before that from what we know Mr.Bonner is not affiliated with any gang, he is a hardworking Belizean like many of us are. He works to make a livelihood for himself and his family and from what we know he is not in any gang.”

Love News spoke with Bonner’s family members this evening and they corroborated the fact that Bonner was not involved in any gang activity. They said that they too are at a loss about the motive of the shooting and they will not engage in any retaliation.


“He used to hang out at the court, we told him not to hang out there they had killed Felix at that court, I told him not to hang out there. The man still went there and as I dropped my wife at home I said that I would have stopped at that court because I haven’t played ball in a long time and my God as I passed I heard the shots so I circled back and saw a bike on the road. I walked over to him and saw that he died. We are not into retaliation, we are good family, we are Bonner we are not into that, that finished there. He died we are going to bury him it is over.”

Bonner worked at Truck Parts of Belize. He leaves behind three children.