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Murder Suspect Surrenders to Police

San Ignacio police have detained one man for the murder of thirty eight year old Marlon Peters. Peters was involved in a physical altercation with one of his coworkers on Friday, July 14. Eight days after, Peters succumbed to the injuries he received and now police are investigating his murder. The prime suspect alleged to have caused the injuries has surrendered himself to police after being advised by his attorney. San Ignacio Deputy Commanding Officer, ASP Daniel Itche, updated the media this afternoon.


Investigations revealed that Peters and Errol Smith had an argument and began to wrestle; Peters fell and was thus severely punched and kicked by Smith to his face and head. He subsequently went unconscious. Peters was transported to the San Ignacio Town Community Hospital and on the same day he was transported to the KHMH for further treatment. Errol Smith was initially detained however he was released because we had not received a statement from Peters. On Saturday the 22nd of July at about 5:10 AM San Ignacio Police were informed that Marlon Peters had passed away at the KHMH at about 3:37AM that morning. Statements were recorded from witnesses, the scene was processed, a post mortem is underway at this time. The suspect is Errol Smith; he was brought into the station this morning by his attorney. He is currently in custody.”

Peters was repeatedly kicked and punched to the head. The fight happened on a driveway on Maxim Street where police found Peters in an unconscious state.