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Murder Victim’s Family Says Police Lacks Professionalism


While it is indeed not easy coping with such a sudden and unexpected loss, Blancaneaux’s sister, Minerva told Love News yesterday that the Police Department has made it even more difficult for them as they have not been professional or forthcoming with information to the family.


“We still haven’t heard back from them. We drove all the way from Cayo this morning to Ladyville to see the officers in charge. They kept us waiting there for quite a while and then when we finally saw them they were trying to justify why they didn’t contact immediate relatives to inform us and they promised to call when they finished processing the crime scene which they just did this morning, they never did. We found out because we were on the way back to Belize City from Belmopan and my sister called the Ladyville police station and that is when we found out that they had already processed the scene and that we could pick up his belongings and I called back because I have been speaking to the young Blancaneaux 2lady’s mother and she told me that she was at the Queen Street police station and that she was trying to get them to have the arraignment because 48 hours had already passed and she wanted that issue resolved. I called back the Ladyville police station and I couldn’t get in contact with any of them even though a few minutes before that one of the officers was right there. So now we are trying our best to be considerate and understanding despite our pain but they are not being very cooperative at all and that is very frustrating and upsetting. It’s not just happening to us now and it’s not the very first time, it’s something that is constant, it happens to many other people and I guess it will continue to happen but I just need to say that I wish the police department and officers were a little bit more sensitive to people and try to sympathize and empathize. Yes they have their protocol to follow they should also think about what people are going through and how they manage their affairs a little more efficiently especially in terms of communication because like I said it has been all through our initiative that we have been in contact with them, have been behind them and see the arraignment has happened none of them were available I asked for their number where I could reach them that was not provided. I was told that they would be there in 20 minutes when the case was just going on and they were in Belize City so it’s not even just miscommunication it’s outright lying.”

Tzib remains on remand at the Belize Central Prison until September while Blancaneux’s body remains at the morgue awaiting a post mortem examination.