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A murder in Waiting – the last ride home

A Belize City man was killed on Thursday in Belize City. The grief is still fresh and the family was unable to speak about the loss of their loved one. Love News tried to put the pieces together of the victim’s last moments.

Rivero Street is a stone’s throw away from Faber’s road. It has a police checkpoint to keep the surrounding area safe. Belize Defense Force soldiers and Police officers man this corner that is about several houses from where 34 year old Raymond Arnold lived. Arnold was a stevedore at the port and on Thursday night he made that regular short ride on bicycle with a friend from the port to the boulevard towards home. But someone wanted to harm him and waiting for him halfway through his short journey between the safety of the port and the safety of the checkpoint on Rivero Street. At 7:15pm while riding his bicycle on Central American Boulevard a motorcycle slowed down and approached him from the rear. Residents say they heard two shots and Arnold was hit to the upper right side of his chest and another to his lower left abdomen. The police were quick to the scene however the 34 year old man died while in the emergency ward of the KHMH.