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Christopher Meighan, found dead in a hotel room on San Pedro

Murdered on Ambergris Caye

A Caye Caulker resident was murdered on Ambergris Caye over the weekend. On Saturday night Christopher Meighan entered the Central Park Hotel on Barrier Reef Drive but he never left it alive.  Love News spoke to Meighan’s parents who say he was respectful of others and well-liked on the island.

Jose Sanchez: “A last minute trip from Caye Caulker to San Pedro on Saturday evening ended with the murder of Christopher Meighan. His parents kew his movements  that day but not the motive for his murder.”

Father: “I think it was one of those killy killy or whatever you call him he was the island awhile but the one that is named John Norman he had just come on the island. Look like he came with a little money and he was flashing around money buying stout for those guys on the beach.”

Mother: “I don’t know if he was friends with them but I think they invited him to go because they gave him a ticket and they paid and they invited him to go to San Pedro and he told the guy, this what we heard, he told the guys that he has to go home and take a shower and change his clothes and the guy told him no we will buy some clothes from San Pedro.”

Philip Meighan father of Christopher Meighan

Father: “And when the night come my boy didn’t come home the night. I said how my boy hasn’t come home for the night. He didn’t have on any shirt because he went in his little bath suit and pants you know. Why didn’t he come home and change and go out back you know. He didn’t come home, I look in the night, I kept getting up and looking in the room. The morning I went to Police station because I knew he was drinking, maybe he he got in trouble. Gone all about and had seen my boy so I said I hope he didn’t go to San Pedro you know.”

Jose Sanchez: “When they went inside room 14 at the Central Park Hotel with 29 Lalman Logan and 29 year old Rafina Hernandez at 9:30pm in San Pedro. The Police say the following morning the Hotel Supervisor found his body.”


Ruffino Hernandez, Accused
Lalman Logan, Accused

Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino: “Mr. Meighan had entered the room along with one Lalman Logan and Raffinoa Hernandez sometime around 9:30 on the 27th he was discovered on the 28th. That information, he was discovered with multiple stab wounds to his body and that investigation has resulted in the detention of Lalman Logan. On the 30th of September he was formally arrested and charged for the murder of Mr. Main. We are actively seeking Ms. Hernandez as another person of interest in regards to this matter.

Jose Sanchez: “His father Philip “Ninja” Meighan says there’s evidence that he fought to stay alive.

Father: “Around 11:30 when I hear my girl bawl out and I jump up they say my little boy dead you know. They find him at San Pedro dead.”

Jose Sanchez: “The injuries he received, you are here for the post mortem what has the doctors told you?”

Father: “Well the doctor didn’t tell me anything but when I see my son, my son was in horrible state. As far as and this dah sweet talk. As far as I hear my bwai was defending himself because my bwai dah wah warrior, he ninja, he workout like me. He had stab wounds where he was kicking, they stab him on his foot and they stab him here. Brother when I look at my little boy in the sack and I tell the Police mek I hug up my little boy one time more and when I hug him , you see my fist, I could have fit my fist  in the  hole that he had in his throat, I could have put it in the hole. I hear they shove the blade in my son so hard that the knife broke in him. My son didn’t deserve that but my bwai fight mein I know it because he is a warrior. He wasn’t a warrior to chance people but in a self defense way because everybody talk good about my bwai cross on the island. He was so loving, he was so kind, he was respectful, they never said he didn’t have respect.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do you if anybody would have wanted to hurt him so bad?”

Father: “Only thing  I could say is they jealous my bwai because a lot of women like him because it was good looking young bwai.”

Jose Sanchez: “His mother Sharon Meighan says he had no enemies.

Meighan was 21 year old at the time of his death and he wasn’t known to have any enemies. His body was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital today for a postmortem examination. Late this afternoon the police department caught Ruffino Hernandez.