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Murderer waited for victim to emerge from building

The second murder did not occur in the dead of night, but in broad daylight. The execution of a man originally from Corozal shocked residents of Belmopan. The police say Jermain Sanker’s assailant waited for him to leave a home to gun him down. Pauline Tillett Reports.

Pauline Tillet Correspondent: “Belmopan Police are investigating a shooting incident which claimed the life of 23 year old Jermaine Sanker. Love News received information sometime around 12:44 this afternoon and visited an area on the San Martin Rd. at the intersection of Panama St. and they saw a gold in color Dodge Neon parked on the right hand side when traveling from a North to South Direction. Love News understand that driver Jermain Sanker was sitting inside a vehicle which was a rental when a lone gunman approached him on the driver side window and fired a single gunshot which caught him in the neck and shattered the passenger side window killing him instantly.”

ACP Joseph Myvette: “ On Yesterday’s date shortly after midday Police were called to an area at number 1 Panama St. in Belmopan City in the Slava Pan area where upon arrival a brown in color Dodge Neon car was seen with a dark complexion male person who was seen motionless. Upon closer examination of the scene the person was seen with a gunshot type injury beside the left eye which exited somewhere towards the back of his neck. His identity was learned to be Jermain Sanker 24 year old of a Corozal address. Police have since interviewed one person and are in the process of following several leads in relation to this investigation.’

Reporter: Sir in regards to that shooting is it believed that he was shot by somebody that was in the vehicle with him or somebody who came up to the vehicle?

ACP Joseph Mayvette: I believe it was somebody who came up to the vehicle because the investigation is showing that he had just exited a house and entered the vehicle when the incident occurred and no one else was in the vehicle at the time of the incident. We do not know, the investigation has shown that he was obviously there for a number of days and the vehicle that he was found in was a rented vehicle.

Pauline Tillet Correspondent: “Love News will keep following this story. I am Pauline Tillet Cayo Correspondent Love News.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett says that the police are following several leads.