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Musa Wants Meeting with PM Barrow

The slaughter that took place on the streets of the old capital yesterday has taken three young men in its wake and has brought on anticipation of further heat on the streets as well as criticisms towards the Belize Police Department.  With social media being the popular platform for responses and commentaries on national issues, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams penned his thoughts earlier today referring to yesterday’s three murders.  ACP Williams wrote, quote, “We are faced with a situation where our young people are so adamant about eradicating themselves. As a Police department we are doing all we can and in most instance far more than we should be doing to address this concern. But the truth is these young men have sentenced themselves to death and they seem not to have any regards to their lives and the lives of others. Despite this we are still trying to save those that we can for the simple fact that every live matters. Now that we are faced with this situation there are many who sit and criticize us, while some want to make this a political issue. I will say outright that while politicians do have a role to play in the fight against crime it should not be used as a political football because crime is everyone’s business. Some say that lack of job opportunities is one of the driving forces behind these shootings. While I may want to agree with this statement I would still like to say that the driving forces behind these shootings are anger, hate and lock of civic pride. Yes they need employment but the truth be told if they are placed in any employment the way they currently are all they will do is use the money to buy more guns and ammunition to create a bigger war. So I advocate that we take out the politics, the personal attacks and the negative criticisms and join forces to help these young men overcome their anger and hate. If this is not done no matter what we do the problem will persist. Secondly, I believe that we have done this generation injustice in the sense that we saw long ago the destructive path they were going and we did nothing to address their issues; thus I am asking that together we must now focus on the younger ones coming up so that we do not lose them the way we have lost the current generation. This will require the collaborative efforts of all including the parents who must play the biggest role. I remain optimistic in what we are doing as a department and we will continue to work with all stakeholders to improve the status quo.”  End of quote.  Also taking issue with the recent crime situation is the Area Representative for Caribbean Shores, Kareem Musa.  Today, he wrote an informal letter to Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, saying, quote, “It is time that we meet.  No, I’m not talking about a House Meeting with lights, camera, posturing and theatrics.  We need a meeting to address the real issues facing generations now and next.  I do not accept the “born fi dead”, “just another gang-banger”, “he was well-known to the law” explanation that seems to offer comfort and consolation to so many.  Belizean lives matter.  We can always continue our political fight tomorrow; but until then, let us at least try to save our people before there is no tomorrow.”  End of quote.  Love News spoke with Musa who told us that he will make this request a formal one to Prime Minister Barrow. He also spoke of the current crime situation in Belize.

KAREEM MUSA: First and foremost as a citizen of Belize I am extremely concerned as are the rest of our citizens crime is indeed getting out of control. Some people referring to it as a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off so we all have that concern but I also have added responsibility I am an area representative for Caribbean Shores and so I thought it was necessary because there is much more that politicians need to do. Not because we are in opposition means that we are just going to sit by and have the Prime Minister and the government do whatever it is that they like. We have to be able to give our input, we have to be mature and sit around a table and be able to discuss serious issues like this one, like crime because it’s really getting out of control so that was the intent of my Facebook message. I do intend to formalize it into a formal letter to the Prime Minister because it’s a critical issue that needs urgent attention. The silence is deafening in such a serious time like this it really is deafening. We can see that there is a lot of effort being by Mr.Chester Williams and his team I want to commend them the community policing I think it is an excellent effort but there has to be more in addition to the community policing.”

July 6 saw the murders of three young men; 20-year-old, Tevin Palmer; 19-year-old, Devin Parham and 22-year-old, Michael Lopez; all in Belize City.