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Musa weighs in Bar Association’s “position”

The Bar Association of Belize issued a 17-page document on the legalization of marijuana and the Churches’ efforts to trigger a referendum. In it, the association posits that even if a referendum takes place, the Government can still legalise marijuana, whether the majority of voting Belizeans say yes or no. Minister Kareem Musa conceded that he has seen the Bar’s document but has seen varying opinions on it. He also explained that the Churches’ concerns should not be downplayed. 

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “What I can say is that I’ve seen that advice and I’ve also seen other advice coming from other attorneys practising in Belize and they differ and so I could see where there would be some possible legal challenge based on that but I see the Bar taking a particular position and I see other attorneys having another view on it. I think that that the churches have a genuine concern but at times, I do feel that they are detached from the actual on the ground reality of what it is that’s fueling murders, particularly in Belize City. Yes a lot of it results in retaliation but I think that they are out of touch with what is actually happening on the ground in Belize City and how much an industry like the cannabis industry can help places like Belize City. Instead of just looking at the bad, I think they should look at some of the economic benefits that will come to the various communities and understand, like I said, weed is not going anywhere.”