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Musa will not challenge Briceno for PUP leadership

While there seems to be an internal jostling for power within the UDP, yesterday Deputy Party Leader of the People’s United Party, Kareem Musa, announced that he will not challenge John Briceno for the leadership of the PUP in next month’s national convention. Musa made the announcement via his Facebook page yesterday. The announcement comes after Musa had stated that he is considering challenging Briceno for the post of Party Leader.  Musa explained why he decided to back down.

Kareem Musa – Deputy Party Leader of the PUP: “A couple weeks ago the media brought up my name as a possible candidate for the position of leader of the People’s United Party. For me this was a surprise and since then I have been inspired and encouraged that so many people especially the young people of Belize see me as a leader. It was my duty to listen and take council on this very important decision. My friends our country is in deep crisis, this decision is not about me or the PUP. I will not stand in the way and allow even the slightest perception of disunity to impair the capacity of our party to win. Therefore I will not offer myself for party leader at this time.”

Yesterday, the PUP’s Deputy Party Leader for the West, Julius Espat gave Love News a similar reason why he will not challenge Briceno.