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Museum of Belize celebrates 15th anniversary

The Museum of Belize is celebrating its 15th anniversary. A special ceremony was held earlier today where 15 individuals were honored. Alexis Salazar Director of the Museum shared the list.

Alexis Salazar – Director, Museum of Belize

“The staff here at the Museum of Belize compiled a list of 15 people to honor. This group of people were here from the inception of the museum and were very important to the development of the museum. The list includes the Right Honorable Said Musa, Her Excellency Dianne Haylock, Mrs. Lita Krohn, Mr. Yasser Musa, Mr. Paul Francisco, Ms. Sheryln Jones, Ms. Rita Mae Hyde, Mr. Gilvano Swasey, Mr. Alfonso Peyrifitte, Mrs. Bernadine Menzies,  Ms. Glenda Gillett and Mr. Bernard Adolphus. Also we want to include the ambassador of China Taiwan his Excellency. I especially want to recognize Mrs. Meg Craig and the Craig family who have been benefactors to the Museum from the time of its inception. I recently visited Ms. Craig and we spoke about her collection, how she and her family went about collecting it and the importance of using the Museum to educate the children of Belize about their past. Also to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Museum we decided to create a time capsule of 15 items that are relevant to the Museum and we plan to open it in another 15 years. This will be stored here at the Museum with the hope that it will be laid at the corner stone of a national museum one day.”

As part of the activities the Museum teamed up with the Mexican Embassy to mount a photographic exhibition entitled El Cimarron y su fandango.  Salazar spoke of its relevance to Belize.

Alexis Salazar – Director, Museum of Belize

“Belize has a very tangible and intangible African cultural heritage. It is ever present in our communities and in the words we use and so on. Belize shares similar history with the Afro Mexican communities. Like the settlements in Costa Chica, we also have present day settlements that were started from runaway settlements. We tried to highlight Belizean heritage by offering candies, foods and wines that are typical of two groups in Belize that can claim African heritage. When the museum was approached with the idea of having this display, the staff and I agreed that we would want it to be displayed because it ties in with our own display in slave which opened in commemoration of emancipation day in Belize and also tells the story of Belize’s African and Caribbean history.”

The exhibition is open to the public.