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Is the Music Ambassador at odds with NICH President?

Though it wasn’t a topic that the Board would discuss, it was clear that all these leaked documents and allegations came after the NICH President had interacted with the Prime Minister’s son and Music Ambassador Jamal Shyne Barrow.  On August 20th, the NICH President sent a letter to Shyne regarding lack of proper accounting about $35,000 donated to the Office of the Music Ambassador for Music Week. The following day Barrow launched a public attack on Budrani claiming she was not qualified for the post, and claimed the CEO and directors shared his sentiments. But Budrani was flanked by all members of the board today with the exception of one who is out of the country. The media asked her if she believes that all the leaked and incomplete documents were executed as part of a smear campaign against her.

Sapna Budhrani President NICH: “I think everybody wants to know the answer to all of those questions, I think in reference to that letter that was sent to the Music Ambassador it was planned to be sent prior to anything; it is not one related to the other. As far as I have been appointed in NICH and working with NICH my communication goes to directors, it goes to the management. It is not I speaking but we at NICH that we are speaking so it is not retaliation. We wouldn’t be able to speak on behalf of the Music Ambassador; the Music Ambassador will be able to answer the question of if it was vindictive or not. From our end it wasn’t and that was a concern I shared from before. We just need our proper records on file.”