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Music Ambassador Speaks on Miss Universe Controversy

The 5-part blog uploaded to the internet by Tony Rath on the behind the scenes accounts of the Miss Belize/Universe event has stirred emotions from various circles of society and in some cases have enraged many Belizeans.  His account to what transpired between the contestant, Rebecca Rath and the Pageant Director, Opal Enriquez has basically indicated that the support was lacking and some under minding took place in Manila, Philippines.  Since the blogs were released, one past pageant queen, Sherima Guity has countered them via the use of adjectives against Rebecca Rath which has added fuel to the already heated comments posted.  It is quite a black eye on local pageantry and it is something that Belize’s Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow, says can be reconciled sooner rather than later.


“I would really like to see the Ms. Belize organization and the Rath handlers try to resolve whatever issues are there and I would really encourage everyone involved to try to preserve this opportunity for the next Ms. Belize 2017 which I am very much looking forward to so I would really like to see reconciliation and a way forward but I really can’t say more than that I just want to see that all parties could reconcile differences and maybe chart a way forward because certainly we need to look at what this means for the 2017 Ms. Belize and I really wouldn’t want to see anything negatively impact their opportunity to go to Ms. Universe and compete on behalf of Belize so I really encourage everyone to try to be unified and try to resolve our differences and lets all come together to support the next Ms. Belize. We need to come together to provide that platform for the contestants and I hope we rally as a nation behind the next Ms. Belize.”

Ambassador Barrow says that he would be willing and available to render any assistance in getting the situation resolved in order to offer the next Belize an opportunity to head to Miss Universe.


“Whatever I could do. You know I have a great respect for Rebecca and what she’s accomplished I have supported her from the very beginning. My office and me personally I supported Rebecca I respect her parents, her grandmother even I’m very much a fan of her grandmother and I respect Opal and the Ms. Belize Organization and so yes certainly whatever I could do to be a bridge between the two and just get everyone on board so that we can chart the way forth so that the next Ms. Belize contestants and the next Ms. Belize winner has the unified support of the nation and all the resources that she needs and that none of the mistakes that were made previously be repeated.”

Pageant Director, Opal Enriquez is yet to respond to any of the allegations made against her in the Rath blogs.