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Musical Ambassador shows up for Stella Maris’ Cultural Day

Today, Stella Maris held their cultural day for children to appreciate who they are, as well as to appreciate other individuals, who are different from them. Love News was on hand for the event and spoke with the Principal of Stella Maris, Karema Oshon and Felecia Garbutt, Sewing Teacher about the event.

Karema Oshon – Principal

“Stella Maris School decided to do cultural day because we have children that come from all walks of life and different cultures and we want to ensure that they understand that they are appreciated regardless. So we are featuring different cultures here to showcase that to our children and to the public.”


“How many cultures are represented here today?”

Felecia Garbutt – Sewing Teacher

“We have the Garifunas, we have the Mestizos, the Maya and Chinese and the Creole.”

The children were entertained by specially invited guests including Musical Ambassador, Shyne Barrow, who shared why it was important for him to be at today’s event.

Shyne Barrow – Musical Ambassador

“Ruth Ferguson had contacted me and asked me to be a part of today’s event and give some words and I also wanted to bring Cocono Boy because its culture day after all and even though we are celebrating Garifuna Settlement Day on Saturday and Sunday I still wanted to offer the Bruk down Kriol experience because we have some Mestizo people here aswell and also just to give some words of encouragement to the children because we have one of our greatest heroes Mr.Phillip Goldson who was also disabled later on in his life he was completely blind and still went to law school at the age of 51.”

One hundred and seven students are presently enrolled at Stella Marris School.

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