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Musical talents on display tomorrow at the Bliss

A music recital is usually very costly to attend; however, there will be one taking place tomorrow that is absolutely free and it is a nice way to relax after a long and arduous, work week.  A well renowned musician, Peter Illavsky, is in the country and have been working with musicians from Pallotti in preparation for the recital. Love News spoke with Colville Young Jr., the Music Director for NICH who told us what patrons can expect to experience at the recital.

Colville Young Jr. – Music Director, NICH:  “Mr. Illavsky was here, we from NICH brought him in to work with the young peoples from the Strings from Pallotti and they have been working very hard. He is back again and they have been working really really hard on a wide variety of music, they want to include some nice popular ones from the classics like the Strauss Waltz and as well as something a little bit more challenging that will be back and then also we are trying to include some Belizean music as well.

Johnelle Mckenzie: “As a musician what do foreigners bring to Belize that the local musician have not yet captured?”

Colville Young Jr. Music Director NICH: “Well it is the skill set needed for their instruments to be able to play their instruments at a very high level but do remember that when it comes to capture musicians from Europe they are mainly going to be playing European music. American musicians are going to be playing lots of American music like the Gershwin and so forth so in Belize what we want to do is develop our own cultural music genres so for example he is here not only to impart the skills necessary but also to develop the encouragement of our own musical genres at a very high level.

Love news also spoke with musician Peter Illavsky who shared how he is helping Belizean musicians to take their music to the next level.

Peter Illavsky – Musician: This is a very specialized because we are talking about the string instruments with the bow and the riddims so eventually our goal is to have Belizean music to be performed but I bought songs from Europe that are old tradition so that they get firm and routed in it and from that we can build up but we have big plans.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Can you basically tell us what have you observed in these musicians, what talents and what giftings and how have you been able to enhance that with your knowledge?

Peter Illavsky – Musician: think there is big talent with musicians, you should have heard our rehearsal before. Usually an orchestra would have fallen apart because we played 60 minutes without interruption and they were willing to just do more and more and they want to do it so they are really like a sponge soaking it up and I can see that there is big possibilities with the people here. They are young, they are willing to do it and it’s the right time to go ahead.

Illavsky’s passion for music has taken him around the world and has allowed him to create beautiful harmony. The recital takes place tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the Bliss Institute and once again it is free.