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Muslim Families Outraged at House Raid by Special Branch

A raid on three Muslim families has left the Muslim community outraged. Twenty Muslims including men, women, two of whom are pregnant, and children were taken from their homes yesterday morning and detained at the Raccoon Street Police Station. The families were not informed of why they were being taken and were deprived of making any phone calls. Love News spoke to one of the family members, who told us that they are being victimized and are seeking legal advice.  According to the victim, their families were taken out of their home in the wee hours of the morning; some of the women did not have time to get dressed properly. He also commented that all their electronics were taken from them and they have lost communication with family members since their cell phones, and tablets, have not yet been returned. Police later notified them that the charges being brought against them were for damaged property and for conspiracy to commit murder. He added they have lost all sense of security since he is not able to reach his wife to communicate while at work. They were informed that their electronic goods were being taken to Belmopan for further inspection. We can confirm that the operation was conducted by the Special Branch Unit. We tried to contact Head of Special Branch Unit, Marco Vidal but our calls went unanswered. Reports are that the SPU are looking for links that may be connected to any terrorist groups. We will keep following this story.