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NADO- Belize reinstated to take athletic sport samples

After the recent suspension of NADO-Belize, the Government of Belize, through the National Sports Council in consultation with the National Olympic Committee immediately formed a task group to plan and execute the necessary steps to have the suspension lifted. A key component to that execution was the recent appointment of Mr. Carlos Slusher as the new Director of NADO-Belize. Mr. Slusher came with a wealth of experience and institutional knowledge of NADO-Belize. Mr. Slusher worked tirelessly to normalize NADO-Belize based on recommendations made by RADO-CAM in consultation with the National Sports Council and the National Olympic Committee. The National Sports Council is pleased to announce that the letter of commitment sent by NADO-Belize was evaluated and RADO-CAM has unanimously voted to reinstate Belize as an official member. The work will continue to maintain the newly revised status of NADO-Belize with its Regional and International counterparts. The Government of Belize, through the NSC and with support of the NOC has made commitment to fully establish an office for NADO-Belize at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. Mr. Slusher, as the new NADO-Belize Director, will be given full support by the National Sports Council to continue the great work he is doing.