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NADO says Cattouse Urine Sample was not tampered with

The wheels of Brandon Cattouse’s Cycling saga has a few more turns today. Cattouse was initially tested and found to have the banned substance EPO. After arbitration was completed, Cattouse’s eligibility to ride had to be reinstated since there was doubt about the integrity of his urine sample. While claiming victory, Cattouse’s attorney, Hector Guerra cast doubt on the National Anti-Doping Association (NADO) Belize’s representative Dr. Michael Pitts. Guerra’s argument rested on the fact that NADO did not have an office and samples resided at Pitt’s home where tampering or contamination could have taken place. Today Dr. Pitts threw a huge wrench into the spokes of Guerra’s argument. He defended the integrity of the work he has done and gave an example of the urine test kit to Love News to demonstrate that it is tamper proof.

Dr. Michael Pitts Nado Belize: “This is not a regular urine container. This is a tamper proof container that comes. If you notice the sample bottles has a number here with a cover here. This is important because once you seal it with this cover you cannot remove this cover and change it because you will not find another cover with the same number. You open this; it has a tab that prevents it from being locked in the first place. Only the athlete can open this. He alone put his urine in here and then that athlete seals this; tamper proof; turn it up no liquid could come out. If you want you can try and open it back. It can’t open; can’t thats where its tamper proof. Where will somebody have the opportunity to open this. Drill through the top, drill through the side; its glass. Anywhere this is breached; the lab will see that it is breached and because of their professionalism would not test on it so yes things are possible but in reality you move from possibility to fact. The fact on the ground is this sample was stored in a tamper proof place under the guidance of me who is the true and trusted personal for it. If I took this to a lab or any place else; It still had to be under my guidance. I have the chain of custody because when I go to the courier I have to sign of that I am sending this.”

Jose Sanchez: “So you took the sample; so it’s the athlete himself who does the urine sample?”

Dr. Michael Pitts Nado Belize: “The athlete does everything, collect his own urine, open this container, put the urine in there and lock it. Nobody could touch this container until that athlete locks this.”

Jose Sanchez:” I guess you put it; there is no Nado office so you put it in your refrigerator?”

Dr. Michael Pitts Nado Belize: “Yes I bring it under my custody where it is under my supervision. Nobody else could supervise it. If I carry it at NOC somebody else can supervise it.”

Jose Sanchez: “Did it reach the facility; I guess clean/ not tampered with?”

Dr. Michael Pitts Nado Belize: “Intact; the lab reports on it; the sample was received in tact and I am saying to you that the protocol at the lab; if it was not received intact they wouldn’t  do a test on it.”

Jose Sanchez: ” And then the adverse substance? What was it in specific?”

Dr. Michael Pitts Nado Belize: “EPO (Erythropoietin)”

Jose Sanchez: “and that is?”

Dr. Michael Pitts Nado Belize: “That is a performance enhancing drug. It cause the blood count to go up and so on right.”

Jose Sanchez: “Basically the arbitrator; the only issue arbitrator found was that there was no NADO office there for.”

Dr. Michael Pitts Nado Belize: “No he went beyond that; he was saying that the chain of custody as far as the lab was concerned. He had and issue with the fact that I kept it at my house to say that perhaps there could have been a breach and then go on to say there is no written protocol to how the sample is held.”