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NADO says no Urine Sample Testing Until issues clarified

Pitts said NADO is getting support from the National Sports Council for a new office. We also asked him if NADO would appeal the arbitrator’s decision in the Cattouse case.

Reporter: The arbitrator said that there is a possibility under the rules that you could appeal as NADO, do you intend to appeal?

Dr.Michael Pitts,: Well I have to have a discussion with different people to see how to approach that.”

Reporter: Because the issue is overall for sports is that for any particular sport that you test anybody that shows adverse substances would be able to use the same argument.

Dr.Michael Pitts,: “As it is I will not proceed with testing until I clarify this. So no testing will be done by me until I have a good understanding of what specifically they want us to do in terms of improvement.”

Reporter: There is a cycling race this weekend.

Dr.Michael Pitts,: “No we won’t be doing any testing on that. I have already indicated that until I clarify this I won’t be doing any testing. Now the arbitrator sited the international rules and protocol. Now perhaps in advanced countries it is easy to meet those standards in smaller countries I imagine developmentally towards those standards. But in the meantime I think a sensible approach is to have a fair practice that guarantees the integrity. Our protocol as it is has demonstrated that every sample that we have sent under this particular practice protocol has reached the lab intact. UCLA has never said any of our samples have been breached and this one for Mr.Cattouse it categorically said it was intact because that is how they report on them.”

To reiterate, Dr. Pitts and NADO Belize will not be doing any testing until it is clear what changes must be made to improve standards. Pitts says the National Sports Council will give NADO an office at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex.