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Naledo Belize to Export its Products to the EU

A small business based in Punta Gorda will now be importing Belizean made products to health food stores and other outlets throughout Switzerland, Germany, and France. The company, Naledo Belize, has won awards for its wild-crafted, whole root turmeric paste called ‘Truly Turmeric’. The company recently signed an agreement with Sparkling Revolutions out of Switzerland.
Love News spoke with the company’s president Umeeda Switlo how this partnership came about.

Umeeda Swilto, President, Naledo Belize: “We have applied to Caribbean exports for many things and one of the things that they gave us was this opportunity to Sial Paris. And Sial Paris is where we were nominated for best new product. So we had some, let’s say a little prominent there and Sial has just millions of goods and things like that, it’s the world food show. Anyway this guy walks up he’s from Switzerland he loves the idea of the social enterprise aspect and the taste of the product and he takes it home and three years later of going back and forth we then win a Food Matters Live Award in England in the UK and he was listening to that award and went “I’m going for it now.”. So he came to us and said “I’m ready.” So sometimes it takes up to three, five years to get something done.”

Truly Turmeric won the New Product of the Year award last year at Food Matters Live in the UK. Now the company is hoping to capitalise on the current worldwide interest in healthy eating. At the same time, Switlo says that the company is investing in the Toledo community.

Umeeda Swilto, President, Naledo Belize: “When you have a door and it’s closed and then it opens a little bit and you see some light that’s kind of what that Switzerland collection is for us because it will lead to the European market. We already have shipped to the UK this month so we see it as an opportunity for that but the biggest food market in the world is the EU. So we’re very excited and how it will impact the local economy but during covid we’ve had a tough time through logistics, shipping and all that stuff. So we’ve been buying all year but very slowly. Even our team has been working but not all the time. So it will impact the community that way, more money in the community.”

The company started six years ago and buys its ingredients for its product from three hundred small-scale growers and its team is primarily young people. Turmeric is the element used to give curry the yellow colour and is a powerful flavour that has been used to influence the taste of some of our favourite foods. More than that, it has many anti-inflammatory properties and turmeric paste.